Introducing MyCare, the new Advance Directive for Santa Barbara

MyCare Cover Page

Since its inception, the Alliance for Living and Dying well has helped people in Santa Barbara complete their Advance Care Directives. For most of that time, the Alliance used an advance directive called Five Wishes© in our community workshops. As a result, many people have Five Wishes© document completed and on file at Cottage Health and/or Sansum Clinic.  

A few years ago, the Alliance began researching the possibility of creating our own directive for Santa Barbara County. A steering committee was formed and after several years of planning, they compiled and approved a new Advance Care Directive for Santa Barbara: MyCare.  

MyCare serves the same legal function as Five Wishes, but is more streamlined, easier to read and generally takes less time to complete. The Alliance has begun using MyCare in all its community  workshops.

NOTE: If you've completed a Five Wishes document, it remains legal and valid and no changes are required.

Cottage Health has taken the lead in production and distribution of the new MyCare documents. Their Advance Care Planning Center can be reached via email at [email protected]

View and print a copy of MyCare